Measure To Be Followed In TikTok That Will Help In Long Term

TikTok is a social platform that is mostly renowned for its ability to change continuously. This platform keeps on constantly updating as it has many features that will drive people towards it quickly. Thus, to excel in social marketing on this social application, you have to open to this social platform’s changes. Hence, you can have sustainable growth on this lip-synching and minimal duration social application if you are ready to make changes to your TikTok strategy according to the new features added to this social application. TikTok usually updates its social application following the prevailing trends. Thus, this is one of the primary reasons behind this social application for having considerable growth and the ability to sustain it. This will also work for you if you keep abreast of the latest technologies that are brought into social media marketing. Hence, going with this TikTok is not a possible task for everyone. You can sustain yourself if you can take advantage of the new features that are getting into this social application. In recent times, there has been an enormous rise in influencer marketing on TikTok. So, if you want to excel in influencer marketing and aim to attain massive heights, you should use the paid services. Since there is a wide range of packages available in the paid services, you can buy TikTok likes, the cost-effective and worthy paid service. 

Hence, when it comes to the paid services, go with affordable and trustworthy paid services. Because many services are available on the internet that exist intending to make money by deceiving people. Hence, if you fall prey to such fake services, you will end up earning fake likes, resulting in the downfall of your TikTok videos. Moreover, you won’t get sustainable traffic to your videos. So, you should be very mindful and cautious while choosing the paid service for you. In recent times, many companies, even the top companies that are making billions every year, have resorted to the paid services. Hence, this shows how much TikTok has grown over the period. If you are bewildered in picking the paid service for you, you can find it by researching. If you feel that a service will work well for you, contact its customers and ask for their feedback. In such a way, you can easily find the best-paid service for you. Thus, if you follow this tactic in spotting the best-paid service, you will probably end up spotting the excellent service. 

Hence, you must opt for the paid services that will assure a huge return to you. One of the significant advantages of the paid services is that they will provide unprecedented traffic to your TikTok videos. This shows how vital and essential it is to use the paid services. At first, if you are confused about spending on the paid services, you can spend a small amount on it. This will assure a massive return to you so that you will have unflinching growth. These services are providing enormous development for the influencers. Because they are the ones that are always in need of immense traffic. 

Hence, they can use such services, which will help them to have a fast-paced growth at ease. If you are not sure about the tactics that will work well in enhancing your brand’s reach on TikTok, then going with the paid services is the ideal one. Because they have the potential to provide instant growth to you. 

Unlike other services, you can witness evolution in a short span of time. So, by trying the paid services, you can take your brand’s reach to the next level. Today, many companies are confused in spotting the best-paid service for them. Many consultancies will help you in finding the best one for you. So, you can get in touch with such services that will provide good growth to you quickly. So, if you follow these tactics in TikTok, you can have good growth at ease. Hence, beware in spotting the best tactic for your brand so that you can have the profit you are aiming to attain. This platform will pave the growth for you. 

How To Share The Right Content On TikTok

TikTok is an excellent application becoming popular as it experiences a lot of people using it. Along with people, there are more business people also utilizing it. As a social media application, it is essential to keep up continuity and relevance. Every relevant update will keep you posted on the routine news and helps the application to buy TikTok likes. Sometimes, it seems complicated to come up with innovative ideas all the time, but it’s okay, don’t worry; when you are running out of content, follow the below few methods.

  • Update An Informative Clip: The application is putting in a lot of effort to help the community of users. It means TikTok is interested in providing more concern towards educational and informative updates. It works hard to make the process of learning more curious and entertaining. So it’s time for all the creators to pick up videos to help the viewers have the application be very useful.
  • Keep Up Making Regular Updates: The work of a perfect influencer on TikTok is to have regular updates. So you light up to make updates daily or sometimes every week. It is suggested not to skip more than two days without posting. Those regular updates that will have your viewers engaged, laughing, enjoying, and entertaining is the best way to build a robust user base. It is suggested to have schedules and deadlines for yourselves.
  • Cherish All The Special Days: We are living in a dynamic world. It’s important to cherish every moment of life. Use unique hashtags to mention the events. Celebrations and enjoying the special events are the most impactful way of capturing the audience and providing more engagement to the users. So never miss out on any events and always have a note of the special occasions.
  • Give Authentic Information: Let your content stay original. Sometimes few things are meant to be more authentic than being fabricated and creative. Dress, make yourself comfortable in the scene, pick up all your properties required for the video, show more of your raw nature and begin recording your video. This will let you produce an epic video that would roll over the discovery pages of TikTok.
  • Build An Adorable Profile: The TikTok profile held by you should show you to the universe. When you have an incomplete one, it makes people dull when they look at it. Neither will show interest in following you. Provide all the required information within your limits. Show some fun stuff about your working behavior or your natural characteristics. Pick up some perfect username to make your account an outstanding profile of TikTok. A profile is an essential tool for you to begin your connections and start with producing your sponsored updates.
  • Make An Apt Tutorial: Tutorials are always welcomed by the users as they prefer learning new, exciting things in life. Have a broad mind before you create a tutorial. Prepare tutorials based on fitness, cooking, comics, beauty, and so on, which comes under the famous, most viewed category. Using tutorial videos, you will get an opportunity to enhance your availability, making you visible and developing all your other social media profiles.
  • Throw A Competition: Contests would convince viewers to prepare themselves to perform a particular thing to grab the prize of being a victorious person. 
  • Join Hands With A TikTok Influencer: Having the right influencers in your hands is the best idea to promote your products and the brand anime. The influencers you choose will take care of the promotion process and look after the followers, convincing them to buy your products after educating them about their utility and quality.
  • Put Up A Cool Hashtag Challenge: Hashtag challenges are the most prominent feature in TikTok right now. In this challenge, people could use hashtags and captive words to encourage users to produce video updates using these hashtags. This option gives good results for people in business fields, as it supports them to earn more visibility, engaging nature, and awareness.

Final Note

Educate the users regarding the present occasions and trends with good comic senses. The central fact is all about the valuable content you make to engage your fans and followers. We believe that the above content would have shown a clear picture of the right content, which has to be updated on TikTok to have interest in the application.

TikTok Among The Other Media Business Marketing?

TikTok is an entertainment platform that holds a more extensive audience base. Like the other media, marketers proffers the marketing facilities to online marketers with its application features developed for digital marketing. Within the short period, the application has loaded with millions of users due to its magnetic elements to make the audience feel comfortable and not get bored. 

This media’s users are increasing each day for its service under entertainment and doing business promotions. The influencers are also active in this media to get business for them.  

Here we see the importance of the platform for marketing and how it aids the business to generate leads. Also, how it gets separated from other media marketing activities.

Business Use TikTok Marketing

The reason behind the business users is rapidly increasing every day is its short video content, which attracts the audience and makes them watch it. Creating an online media presence for every business is essential, but finding its customers is becoming possible in all media in recent times due to the enhancement in digital marketing techniques, especially on social media.

Mostly large scale business have their business profile in top social media for brand engagement via many streams.

The small business underdeveloped and starting to market its brand in the media is supposed to prefer TikTok media due to its audience base and its target audience existence in the platform.

The commercial-based products, mainly fantasy, domestic products based business marketing, can use the media to find their customers.

TikTok Specific Features

TikTok is entirely composed of short videos that are compatible to watch for the audience, so the business can design their brand video to impress the audience and

increase their brand value.

The business can develop its video innovatively and compress within 60 seconds with the brand featuring elements to impress and benefit the audience.

The other social media like Facebook and Instagram has video ads broadcasting feature and image ad formats. However, TikTok has the same, video streaming is the platform’s primary trait- so each 60 seconds video will make the audience expect new exciting content from it. It is the unique facet of TikTok media marketing.

TikTok Ad Marketing

TikTok pitch in with the business marketing by allowing them to enable organic or paid campaigning based on its interest. TikTok has the scope to reach the brand to the broader audience using TikTok advertising techniques.

The highly benefited ad formats are infeed native ads, brand takeovers, branded hashtags, and hashtag challenge. These can get significantly utilized based on the required ad type and business plan budget to generate brand awareness and sales leads. The business can also buy tiktok fans to increase brand followers; undoubtedly, many TikTok service providers serve to make the industry get more recognition.

Generate Valuable Content

TikTok marketing is all about deploying the video’s brand promotion content to stimulate the audience to show interest in your brand. TikTok content marketing has to get configured very carefully to register the brand identity among the audience. The business that posts inspirational videos will get more views and fans for it. Companies can create any genre of brand promotion videos and post at the right time to get consistent brand recognition and increase the follower’s rate.

TikTok Supports For All Types Of Events

TikTok marketing heaves business recognition by supporting events, contests, and challenges, including live marketing. Based on the brand product, promoting videos can get customized to event-based. 

The TikTok hashtag challenge is the leading marketing trends used by the all-business present to gain more followers. Likewise, Instagram, the TikTok, also has the highest scope on user-generated content to earn audience sight. 

Influencer marketing can also be implemented in TikTok to increase the followers in a short period. Many businesses gained more followers and leads by using the nano influencer, which is comfortable for their cost. The other influencer types, such as- micro, macro, and mega, can get availed under the brand marketing budget and goals.

TikTok has upgraded its marketing features at every break to increase the media marketing performance and challenge the parallel media by replicating the followers for the business account. The good planned contented video will induce the audience to see it and, under their interest, will reach the business to inquire, which might increase the followers and customers.

A Detailed Article On Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is changing customer-facing services by increasing efficiency and optimizing user experience. The necessity of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing is increasing and has become an essential passage. In recent times, 47% of digital organizations use AI strategy in marketing and operations and 80% of marketers believe that AI in business creates competitive advantages.

Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing creates the ability to collect data, analyze, apply, and learn from the process. It improves marketing strategies and provides valuable insights for marketers and businesses.  This article will give you detailed knowledge of AI in digital marketing.

What Is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a process that describes machine and computer cognitive functions that associate with human minds such as problem-solving and learning. It attempts to understand the methodology and produces a new technique that the machine thinks, responds, and performs tasks based on data, just like humans do. Some of the applications of Artificial Intelligence are robotics, image recognition, speech recognition, language processing, problem-solving, and so on.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more advanced and efficient at a much faster rate. The Artificial Intelligence application is expanding and helps in the field of research and development all around the world. AI is not human intelligence but can exceed human intelligence.

AI In Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is transforming various businesses from finance, tech, retail industries, and also changing the way brands and marketers do business. In digital marketing, it changes the way brands connect with audiences and customers. Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing transforms the space by increasing productivity and revenue through automation.

In digital marketing, computer systems work in various aspects like voice recognition, visual perception, decision making, translation, and various processes that require human intelligence. AI in digital marketing helps in various ways such as asking questions about products and services, directs the user to a website or product landing page, brands can live chat with customers, and much more. Personalization of content is an important feature where machines can track user actions and record their habits and interests. This allows AI to market similar products where audiences are interested in.

Applications Of AI In Business

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots- Artificial Intelligence chatbots makes customer assistance easier any time round the clock.

Email marketing- AI helps marketers to personalize email marketing campaigns.

Digital advertising- AI in digital advertising is the most successful process that can help in making strategic decisions and provides the best possible experience.

How Automation Transform Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence creates the ability to collect, analyze, and process data in a streamlined process without human intervention. AI is an important feature due to its ability to make quick and accurate data-based decisions. Artificial Intelligence transforms digital marketing in various ways, some of them are:

AI Helps In Recognizing And Analyzing Data

Business uses CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool to establish a customer-centric system making the business easy to collect customer information, validate and filter information. The combination CRM, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data minimize the collection of information from various platforms gains accurate insights to target customers. Marketers can easily analyze customer needs and adapt AI to boost sales. Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing helps in visualizing customer’s journeys with the right information making them easier to shop and checkout.

When AI combine With AR/VR

Artificial Intelligence combined with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will result in the new experience. Marketers prefer combining AR/VR with Artificial Intelligence to overlay computer graphics to create a real-world experience. It also creates an interesting way to interact and learn about businesses, brands and allows them to create a connection. The combination of AR/VR with Artificial Intelligence refreshes user experience and builds a strong business identity from loyal customers.

The Rise Of Chatbots

In Artificial Intelligence, the development of semantic recognition, voice conversion, language processing makes customer service easier and delivers a better experience. Artificial Intelligence Chatbots have many advantages such as:

  • AI chatbots enable businesses from one to one customer service to one-to-many providing assistance and support to various customers at the same time.
  • AI chatbots answer customer’s queries 24/7 round the clock in real-time. Chatbots are highly efficient and provide support anytime improving customer service
  • Users or customers can choose the Artificial Intelligence language as per their needs allowing them to deliver localized customer service.

How To Boost E-Commerce Sales Through TikTok Marketing?

Currently, TikTok has become the most popular social media app among the younger generation. It has become a successful video-creating app all over the world. Many young audiences utilize the platform to showcase their hidden talents, while most brands are leveraging the platform to enhance their visibility and spread brand awareness. According to a study, the TikTok platform has over 800 million users worldwide. This stat shows how the platform is blooming its presence among people all over the world. 

TikTok marketing is thriving as a marketing tool for many businesses and brands. Nowadays, the brands are trying out to showcase their products and services in an attractive way to the users. They create hashtag challenges and funny videos that are engaging to the users. On showcasing your brand in a non-promotional way, you can gain more loyalty from the target audience. If you are trying to create a successful online presence on TikTok, buy tiktok likes, and earn more engagement instantly

Are you thinking of endorsing your e-commerce site on the TikTok platform? In this article, let’s check out some tips to boost your e-commerce sales by leveraging TikTok marketing.

Combination Of TikTok And E-Commerce

In the current world, people are getting annoyed with over-promotional advertisements and marketing pitches. It is one of the biggest mistakes that brands do to connect with their consumers on social media platforms. The brands need to overlook this marketing strategy and try out different ways to communicate with their customers. If you are still pitching for promotional content to reach your target market, it is entirely pointless. 

If you have an e-commerce site and are looking to promote it among the younger audience, then the TikTok platform is a great place. In TikTok, you can express your brand awareness or endorse products/services creatively that is engaging to the audience. According to a survey, 75% of youngsters purchase online. This stat shows how online shopping is becoming more comfortable for the audience. So, you can try out engaging and interacting content to promote your business. In the TikTok platform, you can leverage soundtracks, effects, and filters to express your brand impressively.

Tips To Boost Your E-commerce Sales

1. Enhance Your Creativity

TikTok is a platform that provides you a space to express your brand creatively. People on the TikTok platform expect content that is unique and genuine. So, you can create content in an impressive way for the target audience. Many brands may have hesitation in using creativity to endorse their products and services. On showcasing your creative side, you can easily attract your target market and advance your business.

2. Leverage TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads is a great way to endorse your products and services. The advertisements on the TikTok platform helps the brands to promote their e-commerce site. In these ads, the brands can embed their e-commerce site link or any other content link. When the users click onto the link, the user will be driven directly to your site’s landing page. There are various types of advertising on the TikTok platform. Some of them are:

  • Hashtag challenges
  • Brand Takeover Ads
  • In-Feed Video Ads
  • Branded Lenses

3. Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content is an unpaid advertising technique that helps the brand increase its visibility among the users. You can encourage the users to participate in your branded hashtag challenges or ask them to create content in their style and add your branded hashtag. In doing so, you can advance your brand’s reach among the audience, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

4. Generate More Engaging Content

One of the biggest reasons behind TikTok’s popularity is its engaging content. It is essential to generate more engaging content to achieve a higher online presence on the TikTok platform. Some of the techniques to advance your engagement include trying out duets, collaborating in hashtag challenges, following relevant profiles, and include related hashtags. 

Final Thoughts

Currently, TikTok is playing a significant role in the social media game. Many brands are not utilizing the compelling opportunities of the platform. If you have a small business, you can create authentic and creative content to make a successful online presence on the platform. If you have a huge budget, you can collaborate with influencers or leverage advertising facilities to enhance your reach and business ROI.

TikTok Analytics: Complete Guide To Master The Metrics

Currently, the TikTok platform is becoming popular among people all over the world. Many are trying to create an iconic slot on the platform. If you are trying to succeed on the platform, then you will need to perceive TikTok Analytics. TikTok Analytics are the key metrics to step up your TikTok strategy. To leverage the analytics feature on the platform, all you need to do is start taking advantage of the TikTok Pro Account. By utilizing the TikTok platform’s built-in analytics, you will be able to target the right audience and understand more about their interests. Many brands buy tiktok views to achieve more success on the TikTok platform.

In this guide, we will break down TikTok analytics in detail so that the marketers can endorse their brand more effectively on the TikTok platform.

Swap To TikTok Pro Account

The TikTok platform recently started an analytics tool for Pro Accounts, similar to that of the Instagram platform. The TikTok Analytics feature helps you to unveil the insights about your published content’s performance and also the overall audience. To avail of the TikTok Analytics dashboard, you will need to switch into the Pro account on TikTok. You will need to begin by clicking on the profile settings and tap the “Manage My Account” option. Then on the next screen, click onto the option “Switch To Pro Account.” After that, you will need to select the category, provide your phone number, and enter the security code you obtain via SMS. After setting up the Pro Account, you can view the Analytics option on the “Settings” menu.

Working Of TikTok Analytics

TikTok Analytics features begin recording your data after you swap into Pro Account on the platform. The dashboard feature does not present any historical data. The feature commences generating the insights of your profile only after seven days. During this period, it is excellent to publish more content so that you will be able to grab deeper insights. Once you can avail of the analytics feature, you can plunge into account insights. You can publish more content to pick up more accurate data.

There are three insight features that TikTok features within your profile dashboard. They are:

  • Profile overview
  • Follower insights
  • Content insights

Profile Overview

By utilizing the profile overview feature, you will get to know your TikTok profile’s overall performance. The data includes your total profile views, followers count, and video views. You will get to know the valuable insights of the profile and video views and followers count for the past 7 to 28 days. This analytic data will help you in preparing an effective content strategy. When you have the configuration of the conversion rate, you will be able to fix a strict posting schedule and determine the growth rate.

Followers Insights

The Followers tab in the analytics option on the TikTok platform gives you the top-line view of your target audience demographics. You can view the data of both the gender and percentage of the audience based on location. The TikTok platform scaled across multiple countries so that you can see the breakdown of territories also.

Content Insights

The Content tab in the analytics on the TikTok platform offers valuable insight. From newest to oldest post, you will get to know the total views for the past seven days. It also displays the video that has been trending on the For You page within that period. The content data analytics features uncover the wealthiest insights of each post. To view each post’s data, all you need to do is click on the post thumbnail. The analytics for each post displays the following:

  • Total Likes
  • Total Shares
  • Total Comments
  • Total Views
  • Total Play Time
  • Average Watch Time
  • Traffic Source Type
  • Audience Territories

By viewing the territory engagement for your post, you can compare the data with the one derived from the followers’ tab. Then, figure out if different types of content resonate with different audiences at various locations. If you see that a particular post performs well in a specific area, you can double creating a similar type of content.

Final Thought

TikTok is an emerging platform that is creating an opportunity for brands to connect with younger audiences. Using the TikTok analytics combined with the Pentos tool, you can attribute your content’s performance across the platform.


In the past few years, TikTok is used by countless people, including celebrities and social media influencers. TikTok platform is the best place for becoming successful in your career and improving your TikTok account. Having more TikTok fans helps in making the account look more popular. 

TikTok app is used for making videos and taking short videos that are interesting to make it trending. Increase the audience response and make your videos reachable to many people. When you get more impressions, it shows your video is interesting. Posting Top quality videos will make your profile look more popular. 

Create Engaging Videos And Get More Visibility

The number of fans that you have for your profile will be the essential factor to analyze how your audience is engaged in your profile. Buy TikTok fans to boost the visibility for your account, but the first important step would be creating the most engaging content. Posting exciting videos that are of high-quality will increase the visibility for your profile. 

Post Videos That Are Unique

TikTok is one of the most popular apps used by many active users and the competition is quite more. Posting unique videos consistently will increase the visibility of your account. It is safe to buy TikTok fans from a reliable service provider like us. When you have an engaging video which you think might be viral, then you can buy TikTok fans for boosting your account. 

Get Guaranteed Results For Your Account 

We offer a guaranteed service for all the TikTok promotional packages that you choose. You get a quality result for your TikTok profile with a faster delivery after payment process. We provide the service from real accounts so your account will be safe. If you are new to TikTok then buying TikTok fans will help in enhancing your conversion for your business. All the TikTok packages will be delivered faster so that you will be able to see the immediate results. 

Use TikTok For Starting Your Career 

TikTok is a great platform for all aspiring people who want to start a career in acting or singing. TikTok is also the best place to exhibits one’s talent. Millions of users are using TikTok daily, so you get the chance of getting more visibility for the videos that you post on TikTok. When you need immediate popularity for all the videos that you post you can buy the TikTok promotional services. 

Increase The Exposure For Your TikTok Profile 

You get an increase in the exposure for your profile when you have many fan followers. Like every other platform, TikTok is also growing equally at a faster rate. TikTok allows you to show your talent in front of so many users and your video getting noticed is difficult unless it is exciting and more engaging.

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After getting a great platform of millions of users, people are finding the easiest way to gram more users towards their stories. It’s not an easier task to grab more users and people are finding other ways like buying Instagram story views to get the attention of the people quickly.

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How to Grow Your Instagram Profile with Automatic Likes

The quicker way to get likes is to buy Automatic Instagram likes service. It looks unordinary but the most powerful strategy to get instant likes to the post you share. In case of getting likes naturally, you have to post several posts a day for more than a year which can help you to get few hundreds or even thousand likes.

Don’t wait and waste your time, use quick auto likes services which are affordable and cheap for an average person. Remember, few of your plans gets success and rest of them you left because of no results.

In case of buy automatic Instagram likes, you have a simple plan of posting whatever you want in continuity, and we will provide you with the likes that you need. It doesn’t matter how hard work you have done to make a good plan. We have seen several people who are demotivated with their unsuccessful planning ‘s. If you are still not convinced use 50 free Instagram likes trial.

You should know the basic things required for a person to grow their profile while using Buy Automatic Instagram Likes services:

We have connected with different people who are having their own experience how they get success after getting auto like services. Nobody wants to make you grow as faster as they are growing, but we can help you to provide some points which can be helpful to you for the growth of your profile easily.

  •    Become expert in what you are doing:

Make sure to select that content which relates to your interest. If you are working on the things which are interested, then you will devote more time to it to make it better. Good content can notice if it is having more likes that you get from Automatic Instagram likes services. Avoid such things which are not necessary like using one hour for generating a post and 10 hours for promoting it which is useless if you are just a beginner.

  •    Make plans and change it continuously:

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  •    Try again after you Fails:

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Social media is an integral part of our lives in today’s time. One cannot practically imagine connecting with each and every person they know through any other method. It goes without saying that as a result of growing technology, a digital world has come into existence parallel to the real one. Today, people can find anything online, from finding answers to our general queries and keeping ourselves up-to-date with the current affairs to shopping for whatever we desire with just a click. Our daily lives keep on revolving around the socio-digital platforms nowadays.

Marketing through Social Media

Since there is such a vast demand for products and services online, clearly a market for meeting the supply of every kind has to be set up. For such an expandable market, advertising and promotions are key-aspects for getting your products out to the targeted audience.

The perks of Instagram

Instagram serves as one of the most common marketing platforms to numerous big as well as small scale businesses. Be it posting your content and images of your product or uploading them as stories, Instagram gives a wide range of engagement to its users, and hence marketing is more profitable on this particular social media app.

Instagram stories are the most actively updated when it comes to adverts. This is because people are more inclined towards noticing a story than a post. The views of a story can be kept under tab and stories can be updated on a regular basis hence making it more likely to be encountered by a broader range of public. To get the best out of this feature, one can buy Instagram story views online at nominal prices. Buying views doesn’t mean fake ones since most of these services engage genuine users online who further share a paid story to get it promoted.

How to make your Instagram story more interactive?

Instagram stories are hyped because of the possibility of a two-way interaction which they offer to the app users. Hence, one should be really particular about carrying out their marketing campaign in such a manner that the advertisements become more catchy and interactive for the users. Some tips are required to achieve this:

  1. A story must always have easily understandable content. Memorable one-liners serve as a bonus.
  2. Questions, rating scales, and polls should be put up to get reviews and suggestions from your viewers.
  3. Stories should be witty and unique. Instead of always using an image, you can get quirky and utilize boomerang and other features as well.
  4. The response time to DMs and queries about your page should be quick to grab people’s interest.